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The TRIMOS, s.r.o. company was founded on 20th October 1993 upon an agreement of three business partners as a company focusing on machinery product supplies from the Czech Republic to our foreign partners.

In 1996, there was a shift in the company ownership. Since then Mr. Petr Melichar become the present-day owner. The managing of the machinery production was shifted to the Liberec branch.

Since 2007 the TRIMOS, s.r.o. company has rented the heated storage in Proseč nad Nisou (10 kms from Liberec) because of capacity matters.

Due to the big volume of orders and long-term cooperation with our suppliers  we are capable of reaching short delivery times and lower costs (prices) for our customers.
The raw material certificates are a matter of course. We attach the measurement protocols for your final products when required.            

The main advantage for our customers is presented by the fact we are their sole partner. We supply them with the complete product or an assembly unit which requires a range of various technological processes in the production including the surface finish, marking, packaging and shipping – in time and for reasonable prices.

The advantages why to cooperate with us:

2020-07-26_19-31 - We know the technical and technological possibilities of our suppliers, their production, personal capacities and mainly their financial situation.

- We are your supplier. We take the full responsibility - you do not have to take care of the production, etc.

- We are able to change our suppliers in case of any problems.

- We guarantee the quality control, packaging, transport and customs clearance.

- We have a good knowledge of the Czech market environment.


Our company is approved of using the green point international trademark.