Marking, packaging, storage, transportation


All TRIMOS products are marked because of Traceability of all production processes.


The product packaging is processed with maximum  focus on protection against mechanical damage, the weather conditions and with an emphasis on safe manipulation. With some casing we perform our own endurance tests before putting into use.



TRIMOS, s. r. o.  has more than 600 sqm of covered and heated area for storing the products before an export. At current time, we hold a negotiations with one of our foreign customer about setting up a consignment store to shorten the delivery time on required goods.



For transportation we hire time-tested companies through which we realize haulage, cargo passage as well as  air transport  into all destinations desired. The transportation conditions follow the  INCOTERMS 2010 guidelines according to the customer´s requirements.

Our company is approved of using the green point international trademark.